Acronis Improves Data Protection of a Leading European Automotive Manufacturer and Saves Thousands of IT Man-Hours

The European auto industry is a global player, delivering 5.9 million ‘Made in Europe’ vehicles around the world, generating a $101 billion trade surplus, employing 13.3 million people, and annually investing $61 billion in R&D. Today, competition within the industry drives high expectations. Since automakers rely so heavily on sophisticated IT solutions and process automation, the ability to ensure both continuous business data availability and minimal production system downtime creates a competitive advantage for a manufacturer.

Acronis Backup is now a critical component of The Automaker’s production process control systems. With it, the production plant systems are kept safe through regular, automatic, live disk-imaging backups of all process control systems. Acronis Backup ensures the world’s most secure backup with reliable recovery, reduced downtime, and reduced production-line outages caused by malfunctioning control equipment.

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