Effective Short Message Service (SMS) for Business Communication

  • Instant OTPs
  • Transaction & Push Notifications
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Global Coverage across 200+ countries & regions




Alibaba Cloud SMS – Secure and Stable

Send and receive short messages through a single connection. Alibaba Cloud SMS is timely, cost-efficient, and secure.

Free Sender ID

With Alibaba Cloud SMS platform, send messages with sender ID that you get free of charge.

Targeted Messaging

Effortlessly drive growth with customized and targeted notifications with Alibaba SMS platform to help users engage with your brand.

Real Time Message Processing

With real-time routing of messages, ensure prompt and timely delivery of messages.

Monitoring & Reporting

Get detailed message history, including usage reports, failure reports, delivery reports and SMS resource packages to track everything, from emergency notices to marketing campaigns.

Manage Frequency

Set delivery frequency, like daily, and enable message thresholds (Monthly or Daily for ensuring account security and your budget).

Alibaba Cloud SMS Package Pricing

It is the most affordable SMS service out there!

  • Send SMS to globe (including China Mainland) with Global SMS Package.
  • For SMS of specific destination, purchase Local SMS Package, which will get you cheaper unit price for that specific destination.
  • If your traffic volume is above 500,000 per month to less than 5 regions, please contact us to explore for better offer.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud SMS

Reliably send messages to users across the world.

Global Reach

Reach your customers, partners and employees worldwide with access to over 200 countries and regions.

Easy to Use

With Alibaba Cloud SMS, get software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for five different programming languages.


Divinityindiahosting is an authorized Alibaba Cloud distributor. From us, you get secure and stable SMS platform with which you can serve ten billion messages per month.

Smart Routing

Depending upon delivery and capacity rates of each SMS provider, Alibaba Cloud SMS will choose the best route in actual time for ensuring that your message reaches destination timely.

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